1. Encode

    Any geo location is converted to a bunch of words.
    The name of the city along with those three words is sufficient to get back to that precise point.

    e.g. The cafe - front entrance : 12°58'19.6"N 77°35'38.1"E : Bengaluru cat apple tomato

  2. Decode

    The words from the encode process when decoded return the precise geo location, with accuracy of 2 meters

    e.g. Bengaluru cat apple tomato : 12°58'19.6"N 77°35'38.1"E : The cafe - front entrance

  3. Works offline *

    All codes basically 'already' exist and thus do not need to be generated and synced to a central database.
    Thus the system can work offline without needing any internet connection. (* App full offline capability : WIP )

  4. Labels

    Standard Wolo Code labels can be generated that can be printed and placed at points of interests.

  5. Address book

    Addresses can be saved to the cloud - so that they can be recalled directly.

  6. Change city

    The city with respect to which the code is generated for a given location can be manually changed.

    e.g. <City A> cat apple tomato :: 12°58'19.6"N 77°35'38.1"E :: <City B> mango cheese grape

  7. Add city

    In case if a city is not available in the database, a user can request the city to be added to the database.